Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bread Box - In Progress 1/8/12

Update sikit progress, sure ida tertunggu2, sorry ye lambat sikit ada hal yg tak dpt dielakkan,

yg ni bahagian belakang

Belong to Ida, Penang. Draf ja,  tp trus draft kat atas box... kebiasaaannya saya memang malas nak transfer banyak2 kali, dari drafkan lukisan then tekap, highlight balik kat blakang, transfer to material, peh tu ikut balik... Nak mintak Ida tengok, if ok then nak paint terus


Monday, July 23, 2012

2nd Knife Holder - In progress

This one ordered by Ida from Alma, Penang. Almost done except for varnishing part, polka dot on top as requested.



Mother Goose

So far I've painted 3 Mother Gooses. First one requested by Sada, 2nd and 3rd for Kak Jelina, Klang. There was no color painted at the back side of the first 2, as I thought just the front would be viewed and the other side facing the door, only some flowers to touch-up all the comot-comot here and there. But for 3rd, I'd painted simple Goosey at the back, looked nicer...

 1st Goosey

2nd Goosey

3rd Goosey - front view

3rd Goosey - rear view


Having trouble with the stripes and its border,  not ready to use tape due my past experience, when the detachable part get sticky and appear to be Big trouble the time I varnished them.  

2 meow have got its owner....
1st meow - Sada, Sg.Buloh - request not to be too flowery

 2nd meow - Su, Serdang

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Sale

Stok yg masih ada dannn yang baru siap.....

Subahanallah dah siap. SOLD TO Rinz Yoona


Booked by Rinz Yoona... request wording 'Home Sweet Home'

This two Assalamualaikum still available

RM40.00 - small (exclude postage)

RM50.00 (exclude postage)

Friday, July 6, 2012

School Project - Amirah

Pencil stand, , as no marks will be given for this piece of craft, I'd painted it for her....